A masterclass in motivation, engagement
and the ideal fit to a company

Register now to watch the webinar recording presented by Dr Zwi Segal, a leading industrial/organisational psychologist who is at the forefront of motivation research and engagement at work. In this webinar for HR professionals and Talent professionals, he reveals Motiva Talent, an innovative approach to candidate and employee engagement. Traditional assessment tools have been used as indicators, but have never offered the full solution to matching candidates to their ideal jobs. Human Resource and Talent professionals will learn a new way to find out whether the right people really are doing the right jobs in the right company.

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Dr Zwi Segal

Dr Zwi Segal, is a professor of Industrial/Organisational psychology and the co-founder of Motiva. He co-authored “Motivation is a skill that can be developed: Guide for the development of motivation and engagement at work", ©2015 (Pearson Edition, French)


  • PhD University of Sorbonne



  • Dean of Business, University of Derby (Israeli extension) 1998 – 2007
  • Former president of Israeli HR Academy
  • Former president of Israeli HR Congress
  • Senior researcher at the CNRS (French National Center for the Scientific Research)
  • Scientific co-coordinator of a major EU cross Cultural-Organisational project
  • Head of H-axis project (HR mapping of organisational strategies) in collaboration with Professor Michael Porter from the Harvard Business School
  • Senior consultant for leading global corporations