The world's leading and most reliable assessment of abstract reasoning and general mental ability, the Raven's offers information about a person's capacity for analysing and solving problems, abstract reasoning, as well as learning ability.

Raven's Progressive Matrices

Taught in universities as the Gold-Standard in abstract reasoning assessments, the Raven's Progressive Matrices (Raven's) is used to identify individuals with good problem-solving skills, learning agility, clear thinking skills and good observational skills. The Raven's can also be used to identify people who are able to see the bigger picture.

Available in standard, standard plus and advanced versions, depending on job level and intellectual ability, the Raven's is an ideal test for high-level professionals for many audiences including:

  • Global workforces
  • Public sector and military
  • Management
  • Professionals in virtually every position and industry

Buy paper versions from Pearson Clincal here:

Ravens APM (for occupational use)
Ravens SPM (for occupational use)

Competency Areas

Problem Solving

Problem Identification

Learning Agility


Online Administration

Administration via our online Talent Assessment Platform

Paper and Pencil Administration

Available in the traditional paper and pencil administration format

Moderate Test Duration

Easily administered the Raven's can be completed in 30 - 60 minutes

Advanced Progressive Matrices (APM)

Suitable for senior management and senior professional and technical roles.

Standard Progressive Matrices Plus (SPM Plus)

Suitable for professional, management and high-level technical positions

Standard Progressive Matrices (SPM)

Suitable for positions such as supervisor, mid-level manager, or equivalent technical or professional positions in an organisation

Resources & Downloads

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Raven's SPM 2012 Norms Updates FAQs .pdf Download (0.12 MB)
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