Motiva Individual 2

Motiva Individual is a career coaching and planning tool which details a person’s motivational state

Motiva Individual 2


Motivation is at the heart of success

Explore the power that measuring an individual's levels of motivation can have on their path to success.

Motiva Individual is a career coaching and planning tool which details a person’s motivational state in four ways:

  • professional interests
  • actionable interests
  • key motivations
  • actual satisfaction (current state)


With help from an accredited coach, the individual will understand their own motivations more clearly after taking the test. They can then explore career pathways and make choices which are more likely to energise and excite them.

A good match of a person’s professional and motivational interests to a job and company contributes to their success at work, according to several studies (Carol Dweck, 2006 and Paul Murphy, 2012).



Motiva Individual 2 assessments are facilitated exclusively by accredited coaches.

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The Motiva story 

Dr. Zwi Segal and Yves Duron have been working together for 25 years on human motivation and its organisational applications, and are co-authors of the book "Motivation, a skill that can be developed: A guide to develop motivation and engagement at work”, Pearson © 2015.

In 1992, they created the first computerised test on motivations and professional interests which is used by hundreds of companies and public organizations in France.

In 1999, with Professor Michael Porter of the Harvard Business School, they created the first computerised platform on motivational management. In 2012, they launched Motiva1 which leverages their works and research. In 2016, Motiva became the French leader in motivational and career testing.

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Fast online administration

15-20 minutes, untimed.

Latest research

Based on latest theories and 25 years of research in the field of professional motivations.

Immediate feedback

Fast results and detailed feedback at your fingertips

Current jobs

A growing database of over 1000 career opportunities.

Decision support

Accredited coaches receive a coach report and work with individuals to explore the best pathways.

Personalised guidance

As well as coach guidance, each individual gets a detailed report, videos and online tutorials.

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