A powerful personality type tool is used for development purposes and incorporates Jung's Type Theory as well as the Big 5 Model of personality.

Golden Personality Profiler

The Golden Personality Profiler (Golden) is a tool used for both individual and team development. Use the Golden to help individuals understand the basis for their decision-making and the way they relate to other people. Unlike other assessments that may be too simplistic, the Golden allows you to see the Jungian 4-letter personality type as well as the subtle differences between people of the same type.

The Golden is unique, and unlike other personality tests it:

  • Is geared towards identifying behaviours
  • Examines both work and leisure situations
  • Includes 36 Facet Scales within the four Global Scales, allowing individual personalities to emerge
  • Has an additional Global Scale with two additional Facet Scales, measuring responses to daily stressors

Use the Golden to:

  • Help guide employees toward a better understanding of their own behaviours, attitudes, career goals, and preferences
  • Build a solid foundation for team development dialogue
  • Understand an individual's work style relative to others

The Golden is a restricted tool and can only be accessed by Accredited Professionals or Registered Psychologists. To find out more about the Accreditation Training, please contact us via phone, 1800 570 308 (AUS) or 0800 643 660 (NZ), or email us at

Competency Areas

Jungian Personality Type


Online Administration

Administer online via our Talent Assessment Platform

Short Test Duration

An untimed assessment, the Golden can be completed in 25 minutes

A Fifth Global Scale

The Tense-Calm Scale is unique to the Golden and enable you to understand your response to daily stressors.

Individual Report

The Individual Report provides an overview of all the elements of your type and a written summary of likely strengths, growth opportunities, and more.

Subtle Facets

With Golden, not only can you see Jungian 4-letter personality type, but also the subtle facets, that make up that personality type.

Resources & Downloads

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Other Resources

Golden Technical Manual .pdf Download (0.77 MB)
Golden Boundless Diversity Manual .pdf Download (0.37 MB)
Golden Careers Guide .pdf Download (0.54 MB)
Golden Facets Guide .pdf Download (0.56 MB)
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