A unique tool that identifies a person's personality traits AND values system, the SOSIE is a beneficial assessment to use in recruitment and development.

SOSIE 2nd Generation (SOSIE)

The SOSIE 2nd Generation (SOSIE), is a rich measure of personality traits, interpersonal and personal values. Valid and reliable the SOSIE enables you to get results quickly, and the quasi-ipsative question format makes it difficult for candidates to fake responses. Two reports are available with the SOSIE, the basic Profile Report, or the more details Interpretive and Feedback Guide.

Values are an important part of an organisation and the SOSIE helps you to identify the level of 'fit' between an individual and the organisation. A clash between personal and organisational values can often lead to disillusionment in a role or with an organisation.

Use the SOSIE for:

  • Recruitment and selection to reduce a candidate pool or to test the final few candidates.
  • Development and coaching to identify the strengths and areas for development with existing employees.

The SOSIE is a restricted tool and can only be accessed by Accredited Professionals or Registered Psychologists. To find out more about the Accreditation Training, please contact us via phone, 1800 570 308 (AUS) or 0800 643 660 (NZ), or email us at

TalentLens also offers personalised and private feedback consultation sessions using the SOSIE. 

Competency Areas

Personality Traits

Interpersonal Values

Personal Values


Online Administration

Administered via our online Talent Assessment Platform

Untimed and Moderate Test Duration

The SOSIE is an untimed assessment and takes approximately 40 minutes to complete

20 Dimensions

SOSIE assesses 20 different areas for professional development including; stress resistance, original thinking, recognition, independence, materialism, achievement, conviction and goal orientation.

Profile Report

A profile of standardised scores displays the 20 basic dimensions of SOSIE and reveals the strengths and areas for further development of one’s behavioural style.

Interpretation and Feedback Guide with Competency Mapping

Offers a comprehensive approach to the interpretation of the multi-layered SOSIE results built around eight key competencies.

Reliability and Validity

Developed in 1991 from three existing questionnaires developed by Leonard V.Gordon (Gordon Personality Professional Inventory (GPPI), the Survey of Interpersonal Values (SIV) and Survey of Personal Values (SPV)).

Resources & Downloads

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Sample Reports

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