An fast and effective screening tool that measures an individual's verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning skills, providing insight into an individuals' ability to learn and perform.

Core Abilities Assessment (CORE)

The Core Abilities Assessment (CORE) is an effective screening test that can be used to quickly and easily identify the best candidates when recruiting for a new role. Suitable for Mid and Entry Level positions, the CORE is a measure of cognitive ability providing valuable information regarding an individual's capacity to learn concepts and tasks, apply sound reasoning, and draw conclusions from information. 

The CORE can be used to:

  • Forecast job success
  • Save time, by enabling you to qualify candidates
  • Obtain objective information not readily apparent in a resume or interview
  • See a comprehensive view of an applicant's general cognitive ability
  • Measure an individual's ability to learn and succeed (once trained)
  • Avoid the high cost of making "bad hires"

Integrating the CORE into your recruitment program will enable you to spend time, money and resources, hiring and training the best candidates.

Competency Areas

Verbal Reasoning

Numerical Ability

Abstract Reasoning


Online Administration

Administration via our online Talent Assessment Platform

Short Test Duration

Easy to administer, the CORE can be completed in 15 minutes

Easy Report Interpretation

A short two page summary report outlining score interpretation.

Resources & Downloads

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Sample Questions

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Sample Reports

Core Abilities Assessment Sample Report .pdf Download (0.02 MB)

Other Resources

CORE FAQs .pdf Download (2.49 MB)
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