BMCT-II Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test II (BMCT-II)

The leading selection tool for industrial and repair jobs, that will predict employee success in mechanical, technical and industrial occupations. Read more

CORE Core Abilities Assessment (CORE)

An fast and effective screening tool that measures an individual's verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning skills, providing insight into an individuals' ability to learn and perform. Read more

DAT Differential Aptitude Tests for Personal and Career Assessment (DAT)

A quick and reliable measure of specific aptitudes related to successful job performance across many occupations. Read more

DAT next generation DAT Next Generation

Harness the power of computer adaptive tests to assess those abilities that predict success. Read more

Occupational Suite Occupational Suite

See a candidate's true abilities and potential for success. The Occupational Suite measures key cognitive abilities and personal work styles that correlate to success in 12 specific occupations. Read more

SOSIE SOSIE 2nd Generation (SOSIE)

A unique tool that identifies a person's personality traits AND values system, the SOSIE is a beneficial assessment to use in recruitment and development. Read more

WPI-II Workplace Personality Inventory–II (WPI-II)

Recruit & coach early career professionals by assessing 6 key drivers of performance. Read more