CAI-ENH Career Assessment Inventory - Enhanced Version (CAI-ENH)

A career guidance tool used to help advise individuals re-entering the workforce, considering a career change or those who have been displaced. Read more

CAI-VOC Career Assessment Inventory - Vocational Version (CAI-VOC)

Explore new career options with individuals in skilled trades and technical and service professions. Read more

CISS Campbell Interest and Skill Survey (CISS)

A self-reported career guidance test to help individuals gain a more thorough understanding of suitable career options. Read more

DAT Differential Aptitude Tests for Personal and Career Assessment (DAT)

A quick and reliable measure of specific aptitudes related to successful job performance across many occupations. Read more

Golden Golden Personality Type Profiler (Golden)

A powerful personality type tool is used for development purposes and incorporates Jung's Type Theory as well as the Big 5 Model of personality. Read more

Motiva Individual 2 Motiva Individual 2 (Available 2019)

Motiva Individual is a career coaching and planning tool which details a person’s motivational state Read more

SOSIE SOSIE 2nd Generation (SOSIE)

A unique tool that identifies a person's personality traits AND values system, the SOSIE is a beneficial assessment to use in recruitment and development. Read more