What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

Regis Aged Care

“At Regis we have a focus on utilising the highest quality methods of assessment and development for our people. In partnering with TalentLens, we have been able to utilise the tools to better understand our candidates and guide our managers in supporting their staff. The assessment has provided the information in a fast and accurate method and the support provided by the TalenLens staff has been second to none. With the exceptionally fast turn around times, no question was ever left unanswered and the customer service was professional, friendly and exceptionally informative and helpful. An excellent service on every occasion and highly recommended to anyone looking to utilise a personality assessment for both recruitment and employee development.”

Emma McCarthy, National Recruitment Manager, Regis Aged Care Pty Ltd

TalentID Leaders

“At TalentID Leaders we take a best of breed approach to choosing assessment providers. The products need to have a high degree of published validity and reliability, the technology platform needs to be stable and capable of handling large volumes in short spaces of time, and the support needs to be on a par with that which we provide to our own clients. In recent times we have partnered with TalentLens to administer a large volume of critical thinking tests (Watson Glaser) across a range of projects. The test itself has delivered on its promise and provided us with a depth of insight and data that has been incredibly useful in assisting our clients with difficult shortlisting and assessment decision making. Across large volumes in a short space of time we found the online platform to be intuitively easy to use and 100% reliable. Beyond all of this through the quality of service and support provided by the team at TalentLens was second to none and in no small way helped us to deliver on our client commitments. Highly recommend.”

Malcolm Waldock, Director, TalentID Leaders Pty Ltd


"Starlight Psychology and Consulting has partnered with Pearson TalentLens for our psychometric assessments needs for the last four (4) years and in that time we have had the opportunity through our research and development to explore and compare other tools on the market, however, we continue to remain with Pearson for a number of reasons.  One of the main reasons for continuing to use Pearson is the level of service and assistance which has always been exceptional, including customising or administrating the assessments. In addition, Pearson's unrivalled heritage and history has meant we always have the latest and most robust assessments which continue to meet our changing needs along the way whether it be for Talent Management, Clinical or Educational. Pearson’s tools seem to adapt to the times and the varying needs of our clients and the environment in which they operate in."

Tony Georginis, CEO & Psychologist, Starlight Psychology and Consulting Solutions