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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Nelson Mandela

At Pearson TalentLens we believe in Always Learning...

...because there is always room for more understanding.

Learn more about your employees and candidates through scientifically valid, reliable and robust psychometric assessments. Gain a deeper understanding of their values, needs, strengths and weaknesses, so that you are able to understand a person's motivation for work and select and develop the right people for your business.

By learning about your employees, understanding their values, their skills and their areas for development, you are able to understand their needs and use that information to help them achieve and develop their personal work goals, and in turn help to motivate them to achieve more for your organisation.

Our Talent Assessments are used globally by companies both large and small to help further people; the most valuable resource of any business.

Committed to helping you succeed, our team of experts will help to guide you through the selection of tests and best practice implementation for your selection and development decisions. With local support available we can help you to understand and interpret test results so that you can make the best decisions with your people for your organisation.

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Our History

The origins of Pearson go back as far as 1724 when Thomas Longman founded Longman. Pearson was actually founded in 1844 by Samuel Pearson as S. Pearson and Son, a small building firm in Yorkshire in the North of England.

By the 1880, Pearson became one of the world's largest building contractors at a time when the industry controlled development of the transportation, trade and communication links that fuelled world economies.

Today, Pearson is a very different company but Weetman Pearson's imagination in harnessing new technologies, bravery of vision and decency to the people and cultures he worked with are values that still underpin everything we do over a century and a half later.

Pearson TalentLens’ particular group, formerly known as Harcourt Assessment, has a long and rich history that dates to the early part of the 20th century and is tied to some of the most respected names in publishing.

Our specific branch was established in 1921, and since this time we have been committed to providing quality assessments, efficient testing procedures and valid and reliable information to help all individuals succeed.

We develop and distribute tests and related products for professionals in many different disciplines, and are committed to meeting the diverse needs of our customers through our people, service, innovation and technology.

We are dedicated to the pursuit of professional excellence, leadership, and growth through acquisition, development, publication, and the maintenance of quality assessment tools in order to anticipate and meet the needs of our customers.

Our Corporate Values


Bravery means publishing books and reporting news with impartiality, accuracy, and integrity. It also means moving courageously forward with the confidence of a world leader and the vision of a start-up that is re-inventing education around the globe. Bravery means driving change, transforming learning, and hiring bold thinkers and standout innovators who motivate each other to explore new frontiers.


We are committed to: supplying the highest possible quality of product and service to our customers; supporting charitable endeavours that advance literacy, learning, and teaching; and offering careers that meet our employees desire to fulfil a higher calling. Pearson People display a very strong sense of interpersonal respect and gentility that is an outflow of being grounded in our education and teaching environment. We are also responsible stewards of our environment and our finances, and maintain a steady, pragmatic approach to the constant change our growth is creating.


Even though we are a company dedicated to facts and knowledge, it’s our imagination that drives us forward. Our company is growing and transforming in new and exciting ways because of a vision to enhance the learning movement across the globe. This is a pivotal time for new ideas that disrupt the status quo and take us through a time of change to an unprecedented future together.

Your Consultant

Anisa Zulfiqar is your Talent Assessment Consultant for Australia and New Zealand and has extensive experience advising organisations on psychometric assessments for recruitment and employee development.

Anisa works closely with clients to identify and solve complex business issues and maximise bottom-line results. She is a knowledgeable and responsive business partner who makes it her mission to understand her clients’ business and deliver ongoing value and account service that is second to none.

In October 2012, Anisa joined Pearson TalentLens with broad industry experience and has worked in a range of industries including manufacturing, telecoms, media and psychometric publishing, in several countries across the globe including UK, Japan and Australia.

She has extensive experience and provides consultancy services to organisations including team building workshops and individual coaching sessions using personality tests.


  • Master of Arts (Asian Studies), University of Sydney, Australia
  • BSc (Business Studies and Japanese), Cardiff University, UK
  • Japanese Language Studies, University of Kitakyushu, Japan


  • Advise organisations and consultancies on psychometric assessment selection for recruitment and employee development projects
  • Provide solutions to organisations across a broad range of industries including psychology service providers, HR consultancies, management consultancies, NFP sector, public sector, FMCG, automotive, pharmaceutical, retail and much more.
  • Training on administration of assessments
  • Technical support on the usage of the Pearson assessment platform
  • Conduct workshops using personality and emotional intelligence assessments for team building
  • Provide consulting services to organisations who would like individual feedback or coaching sessions for development programs or recruitment programs

Contact Details:

Anisa Zulfiqar

Talent Assessment Consultant

Phone: +61 (2) 9454 2243

Email: anisa.zulfiqar@pearson.com


Our Team of Support Specialists:

At Pearson we have Team of Support Specialists who are able to assist you with setting up your platform and any other assistance that you may need.

Our team of Client Services Representatives includes:

Nick Lukas, Client Services Manager

Anabel Gomes, Client Services Representative

Daniel Colantoni, Client Services Representative

Trent McKaig, Client Services Representative

Joan St John, Technical Support Specialist

Our amazing team of Client Services Representatives are available from 8:30am – 5:30pm  (local Sydney time) Monday to Friday to assist you.

Contact Details:

Free Call (AUS): 1800 570 308

Free Call (NZ): 0800 643 660

Email: info@talentlens.com.au